Should you smack your child?


The experts say that spanking too often ends

in actual abuse, but most parents still believe

a well timed slap does a world of good.

The case for Smacking

People must weigh up whether the punishment fits the crime.the child playing near a busy road or a power point riskd death and these occasions may warrant a smack.(But I disagree).

The shock from the smack would be far better than the possibly fatal results of continuing to play such dangerous games.

The case against Smacking

Smacking a child because she or he is not doing well at school is both irresposible and cruel.Hitting a child because they have different views to yours is never justified.Spanking is universally regarded as negative and emotionally degrading as well as, if it is used frequently, an ineffective form of control and disipline..There's a great resource called. on raising children